Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Will the Waste Oil Burner fit to my existing oil boiler?
A1. Yes, minimum chamber diameter is 180mm and minimum chamber length is 300-360mm.

Q2. My boiler chamber is steel, will this still work ok?
A2.Yes, even if the chamber is steel the conversion is still straight forward. If it was cast iron a burner tube and ceramic mat/glow mat would have to be inserted into the chamber, but this is quite simple.

Q3. Does the Waste Oil Burner come with different heat outputs?
A3. Yes, just like the standard oil burners different heat outputs are available. There are five models available from KG/UB 20P (14-24kw) up to KG/UB 100 (81-800kw). All five are 240volts with hole circle 150-170mm. Two larger models are also available KG/UB 150 and KG/UB 200 with hole circle 160-200mm.

Q4. Can I use my existing oil tank?
A4. Yes, but the feed pipe mush be changed as waste oil will require a larger feed pipe.

Q5. Does the waste oil feed gravity?
A5. No, the burner has a suction pump system that gets the fuel from the tank to the burner, even over long distances. Where it is filtered, pre-heated to the desired temperature. The combustible is sprayed by compressed air at a low pressure. This allows longer nozzles which do not get blocked. (Small Compressor supplied).

Q6. Can different types of oil be used?
A6. Yes, deep fry oil, waste engine oil, hydraulic oil, animal oil and rapeseed oil can all be used and mixed together.