Heat Your Home with A Waste Oil Burner
Get your home, workshop or garage heated 'FREE' with a Waste Oil Burner or Multi-Fuel Burner. Your heating costs will be virtually eliminated by changing your existing burner to our Waste Oil Burner and using waste engine oil, hydraulic oil and vegetable oils etc. All multi-fuel burners also run on Kero or diesel.

Waste Oil Burners can require more frequent cleaning than a traditional fuel burner. By following the manufacturer's instructions you should not run into problems. The money you save grossly outweighs the small amount of additional maintenance that may be required.

We supply Waste Oil Burners, Waste Oil Boilers and Waste Oil Heaters throughout the UK and Ireland, this includes Scotland and Wales. As you may be aware our Waste Oil Burners and Waste Oil Boilers are also called Multi-Fuel Burners and Boilers as they burn diesel, Kero, Waste Oil, Burnt Oil, Black Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Waste Engine Oil, Waste Motor Oil, Waste Bike Oil, Waste Lorry Oil, Waste Machine Oil and Waste Boat Oil.